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“The 5 Best CRMs for Political Campaigns”

“[ContactDrive] is a CRM built by a veteran campaign technologist. It integrates with tools that campaigners use, like Gravity Forms, Mailchimp, and WinRed. More importantly, it’s priced to facilitate collaboration across every member of the team by avoiding per-user licensing fees. By focusing on the few key aspects of a CRM, [ContactDrive] helps campaigns scale their relationships and organize contacts.

Integrates with

Facebook Custom Audiences
Facebook Lead Forms
Email Octopus
Gravity Forms

Raise More Money

Fundraising can be an uphill climb, and many campaigns find themselves losing the race for resources to reach voter contact goals.

It doesn’t help that small donor dollars, the lifeblood of grassroots campaigns, are drying up faster than ever. Meanwhile, down-ballot campaigns are often overshadowed by larger statewide and national campaigns, struggling to gain the attention and resources they need.

It’s a harsh reality, and it’s holding back the very essence of democracy – the ability for all voices to be heard, regardless of campaign size.

That’s where ContactDrive comes in.

We’ve designed ContactDrive to empower candidates and campaigns, providing them with the tools they need to quickly and effectively connect with more donors.

Our cutting-edge CRM platform enables campaigns to build authentic relationships with supporters and, most importantly, raise the funds necessary to get their message out.

With ContactDrive by your side, you’ll unlock the potential to supercharge your fundraising efforts, level the playing field for small campaigns, and ensure that every voice, no matter how small, is heard loud and clear.

Say goodbye to the fundraising struggles of the past and embrace a winning future for your campaign with ContactDrive. It’s time to take control, win the support you deserve, and make your message resonate with voters like never before. Don’t let financial constraints hinder your campaign – choose ContactDrive and watch your fundraising soar.

With no per-user fees, even interns get a login

ContactDrive helps campaigns, c3s, c4s, PACs, and non-profits build stronger relationships with their supporters and mobilize them to take action. No “intern23” required.

(No credit card required)

Build a grassroots army

Campaigns today face a monumental challenge – the struggle to recruit dedicated volunteers and, even more daunting, ensuring they show up for their volunteer shifts. It’s an uphill battle that leaves many campaigns feeling overwhelmed and understaffed.

Campaigns that have put in the time and energy to build large grassroots organizations have superpowers. They effortlessly connect with more voters, generating authentic engagement and turnout that traditional campaigns can only dream of.

These trailblazers have mastered the art of mobilizing volunteers, creating a formidable force of real-life influencers at the door, on the phones, and online.

For first-time candidates, or any campaign without a large base of support, how do you build a grassroots army?

Introducing ContactDrive – your ultimate solution to the volunteer recruitment and engagement puzzle. We help campaigns of all sizes build and mobilize a grassroots network of supporters.

Our user-friendly CRM keeps you in constant touch with your volunteers, making them feel like an integral part of your campaign family.

But that’s not all. ContactDrive goes above and beyond by helping you pinpoint the activities your volunteers are passionate about. By matching them with tasks they truly enjoy, you’ll skyrocket engagement, supercharge your grassroots movement, and generate authentic word-of-mouth buzz.

It’s a profound truth: when volunteers feel valued, they’re more likely to show up and become passionate advocates.

The result? Increased turnout, stronger connections with voters, and a campaign that’s truly unstoppable.

ContactDrive is built to help you build a network to win.

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Built-in call app

Supercharge candidate call time. An integrated call tool makes it easy to work through donor lists fast.


Powerful search & segment

Filter and group your contacts by activity, transactions, custom fields, even proximity.

Premium data sources

Enhance your existing contacts with social, consumer and voter data from third-parties like FullContact, L2, i360, and DataTrust.

Automate actions

Create filters to automatically segment contacts into targeted drip and retargeting campaigns.

Easy imports

Import existing contacts from Excel, Google Contacts, website forms, and hundreds of other sources.


Secure permissions

Create custom user roles with specific permissions for what users can see and do in your account.