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Connect with tools you already use

Already have a favorite online donation tool, like Anedot? Or maybe you’re a fan of MailChimp?

Great! ContactDrive integrates with dozens of popular tools so you always know your donors are getting the follow-up they need.

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White Glove Imports

If moving data around was easy, you wouldn’t have the same contact in 100 spreadsheets, right? From spreadsheets to data trapped in old clunky systems, whatever the source, ContactDrive makes it easy.

For finance professionals, we offer white glove import service. Just send us your spreadsheets or give us access to your old CRM and we will organize, merge, clean and import your data. When you login to ContactDrive, all of your contacts will be ready and waiting, just like a good host committee.

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Filter like you mean it

Who are your top donors in Denver? Your best leads in Little Rock? With ContactDrive’s powerful filters, you can slice and dice your data to find just the right people you need. Filter by tags, names, key dates and geography. Then save filters to easily re-run common searches, so you’ll always be able to find your supporters in Sheboygan.

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Make call time fun time

Dialing for dollars — not everyone’s favorite activity. But it makes a difference. So ContactDrive makes it simple to create call lists that you can assign to your top surrogates. As they make calls, you’ll see the results in real time. Faster calls, faster follow-up, faster the checks come in. It’s enough to make call time almost fun.

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Integrate everything

Yesterday you loved your email marketing tool. Today it’s toast. No problem. With ContactDrive, you can integrate countless sources of data with just as many communications tools. Enhance your existing contacts with premium data sources to integrate social media, consumer and voter data. Then sync that data with email marketing tools like MailChimp, online donation tools like Anedot, and event registration tools like Eventbrite.

And much, much more

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