Datrmin is now ContactDrive

We've relaunched Datrmin as ContactDrive, but it's still the #1 CRM for conservative advocacy and political campaigns to build and mobilize support.

by | Apr 8, 2024

Daa…termine? DaturMine. DahTUR-min? DatRUM.

Since its original release in 2016, we’ve heard and seen our name countless different ways. We’ve heard and seen it all, and we’ve seen enough. We’re determined to have a name you can write and pronounce.

Meet ContactDrive. Same great platform, new pronounce-able name.

ContactDrive is the easiest, most flexible platform for conservative advocacy and political campaigns to build and mobilize support.

Unlike most CRM platforms, ContactDrive is not about software, but about a system for building, maintaining, and mobilizing relationships, whether that’s with a few dozen clients or thousands of supporters.

By integrating with advocacy and political-specific platforms, including WinRed, Anedot, L2, and Tatango, it is easy to gather specific groups of your contacts and send them personalized messages, increasing follow-up and conversion rates.

Key features include:

  • Easy imports: Import existing contacts from Excel, Google Contacts, Microsoft 365, website forms, and hundreds of other sources.
  • Built-in call app: Supercharge candidate call time. An integrated call tool makes it easy to work through donor lists fast.
  • Automate actions: Create filters to automatically segment contacts into targeted drip and retargeting campaigns.
  • Powerful search & segment: Filter and group your contacts by activity, transactions, custom fields, even proximity.
  • Premium data sources: Enhance your existing contacts with social, consumer and voter data from third-parties like FullContact, L2, i360, and DataTrust.
  • Secure permissions: Create custom user roles with specific permissions for what users can see and do in your account.

Whether you have been using Datrmin — er, ContactDrive — for years, or never signed up because the name was holding you back, now is the time to login and check it out. For new users, we offer a 14-day free trial (no credit card), and offer live demos every week.

Go on, kick the tires and see what you can accomplish once you reach out to people you already know and mobilize your network.

Learn more by connecting on our shiny new social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, X / Twitter, Threads (for real!), and LinkedIn.

Still have questions? Sign up for a live demo today!

What are you driven to do? ContactDrive makes it possible.


Does this change how users login?

ContactDrive should now be generally available at https://app.contactdrive.io, however, we are actively still testing this. The existing URL for users still exists at https://app.datrm.in.

What’s next?

We are working on a ton of integrations — going deeper with our friends at L2, adding multiple SMS and P2P platforms, and adding new data sources to append contact records. We are also adding more robust capture and automation to Activity and Transactions. In short, we’re making ContactDrive the definitive platform to get all of your people in one place, create meaningful segments, and build better relationships.

Why did you REALLY change the name? Is there a determined IP troll involved?

Thankfully, no intellectual property issues. Personally, I loved the message of determination that was part of the name “Datrmin” (if you pronounced it right). Also the short URL was sweet. But over and over, no one could say it. Old friends would email about it and butcher the name. It was time for clarity, and time to put this awesome product into drive. See what I did there?

Did you really just drop a dad joke in here?

You bet your Bermuda shorts I did.

Does ContactDrive still offer support plans?

Yes, and these continue to be a robust option for organizations that really want to maximize their data. Keep in mind that our support plans include support for ContactDrive as well as any connected platforms — including website, email platforms, SMS tools, and more. But we only have so much capacity, so get on the list before our slots fill up.